Formal Questions


I am still looking for the right form for this blog here on wordpress. com.

I am quite taken by the one I use for a start, called Cube. Instantly drawn to the square, I love its appearance. But I am not so sure about it’s functions. As one has to click on every single post individually, rather than being able to scroll through them. But maybe this is the case for other layout themes, too. And posts consisting of text only are featured with a plain coloured background, available in three different, pre-set shades, the current blueish being the nicest, I think. The other options are magenta and bright neon-green (which I also liked for freshness, but it is a tad agressive).

I’ll keep on looking before settling for good. As this shall be my virtual home from now on in, I want to make sure, it has the right feel to it…

5 thoughts on “Formal Questions

  1. We agree this to be a buttercheese of at least 45% fat for its starting mass, an airtight, runny cheese, a cheese one uses to smother and suffocate pasta or pizza mayhaps, stringy – unforgivingly so. No holes! Wouldn’t that be something! A proper cheese, a decent cheese stoicly grins when such abnormalities are discussed or expected of it.

    … ^^ – or so I ‘ve been told.

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  2. ^^ The cube thing was looked upon with some envy a day or two ago. I ve been using the one fits all, stringent, posts in goose-step theme for years and cant be certain sporadic readers have a way to pick up on all newly added posts as other than its structual built (text) and content it lacks – what with the cube thing could be referred to – as setcard setting/function, functioning as welcome card and brief reminder of what it entails. I tried sampling a singular entry from the cube selection hoping it ‘d result in a similarly continuous wall of post but it singles out said set card entry and presents only it. A good thing if you don’t want to impose on a reader having to read/load all the other stuff. ^^ Better still if folks are sampling your posts via handheld devices or dataplans w/ restrictions to trafficvollume attached to them. At the end of the day – probably should go w/ what feels best for you. 🙂

    Welcome! And Greetings from the rediculously hot mainvillage posing as a state capital – a stone’s throw away to the west. ^^


      1. A cheesedome appears to trap all the heat, adds flavours of dubious origins, has bacteria produce smells and what not – and then releases all of that on poor old passers-by who just want to make it through the day w/o having to change their shirts at least twice an hour. ^^


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