Sunday Matinée

Cows. Odd theme for a little excursion into painting.

But I like cows and I think, they are nice to look at. Sturdy animals, mostly peaceful and calm, they evoke memories of warm, frothy milk with distinct flavours of summer herbs, the splish-splosh of the butter churner as I sat there, turning its handle for hours on end while reading a book. Their moos of joy, when they were brought in at night and lead to the well for a cool drink. Wow, writing about this, all those happy childhood memories of my grandparents tiny farm in the mountains pop up…

But back to art. Here are my picks for this week: all cows, no shit

Robert Nizamov Goby

Maria Chibacu Back home for dinner

Jenny Mann Molly

Fernando Toledo Cows

Jane Greensitt Moody blue cows

5 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

    1. thx for your comment.. The painter is Robert Nizamov and the painting is called Goby (I think, that is the Name of the cow) The painting is on sale at Saatchi art. com, but it is rather expensive (from my purses Point of view)


  1. the amount of manual labour our childhoods did entail always amazes me looking back, easy for a highly mechanised 1 st world nation to then look down on 3rd world families w/ a great number of kids. Can’t be compared at all, and it’s not like the dropped neccessity for work put in and done finds an artistic or even productive outlet for the former. Yet it appears endlessly more easy to be above it, bored or worst of all – bitch about it in a comment underneath your entry. ^^

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    1. 😉 wasn’t always fun back then, but certainly has been on hindsight. That’s why I loved the butter making – I could read, while doing it…


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