QE II and the voice of my generation

You know those quizzes on social media, where you are asked a random 10 – 15 questions. From your answers, a complete description of your persona is conjured.  Like: What’s your favourite colour? and Which food would you choose for dinner? and you get pictures of roast chicken, beef stew and sushi to click on. Afterwards, your answers strongly indicate, that you are a generous person, who loves to travel.

Or you learn, how much or little you know about any given topic. Like English grammar. Or capitals of the world. Or can you guess a country by the look of its map, only. I got hooked on one of these, this morning. Can I beat Bill Gates in knowledge about the world’s social development. Turns out, I can not. Bill Gates had 9 correct answers out of ten (they said), I had three. No wonder, he’s the billionaire.

After you have done any of these quizzes, you are often offered an array of more quizzes to do. Thus, I also found out this morning, that of the British Royals, I resemble Queen Elisabeth II the most (I wonder, if my preference for Scotland for a holiday destination or that of single malt whisky over gin saved me from being classified as resembling Queen Mum). And as a writer, seemingly, I have all it takes to be the voice of my generation. I think that should be enough to get me through the day.

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