bulb reality

Harvested my first homegrown ginger root yesterday. And a very fine specimen it turned out to be!


Made myself a nice, warming tea of one litte bit of it last evening. For taste I threw in some dried lavender and mint leaves, adding lemon juice and honey. Felt cosy inside and tasted great.

There is more to come, as the second plant still sits outside, waiting to be uprooted. I just brought the pot in from the garden onto the terrace to give it some shelter from the icy wind supposed to pick up today. And just as well, as the ground is covered with the first substantial frost of the year this morning.


How to do it? Leave any small piece of ginger root to dry on a windowsill in spring. It first shrivels up, but will start to sprout eventually. Then you earth it in a pot and leave it to grow. That is all there is to it. I put my pots out in the garden in a sunny spot and kept them well watered. The plant looks a bit like a lone bamboo. When I unearthed the first one yesterday, the little piece of maybe 2 cm length that I planted in spring, had grown into the big bulb you can see above.

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