Last Sunday I reported about stumbling over the inktober campaign. It actually made me rummage through the boxes, I store drawing material in. I haven’t opened those boxes in years, if not decades. I actually can’t remember, when it was, I last drew anything. I do recall, however, that I used to draw quite a lot in my teenage years.

I have to admit, whatever skills there ever were, they have severely rusted in. But I gave it a try, nevertheless. I just think, the word inktober is so nice, I owe it some effort. Also, this was the first time ever to draw with ink, save for this one time during art class. At school, one time, we used pinfeather and inkwell and were asked to draw a scene of a poem, we had to learn at that time by heart and recite. Der Zauberlehrling (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) by Goethe.I thought this a great way to express, what that poem was about, in my humble view. And do recall, that I thought it difficult to use pinfeather, as I wanted shading in my little picture. It is tedious work, to fill in bigger areas with ink without being allowed a brush to apply it. I must have been a lot more patient as a kid than I am now.

However rusty, here are my little inktober contributions…




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  1. ^^ reminds me of a weekly artclass when they had us draw our own hand in pencil, adding the benefit of 1 steady, immobile hand while the dominant one drew. Thing is it got lost, albeit it smudges adding to the shading made it look ok. benefit of it being lost: almost noone can chalenge my views on it. ^^

    cheers for ink

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