Lacquered duck. Something to look forward to. 
At work, among other events, we plan to hold 
an advent dinner. To make it more than just a 
dinner, I got one of our members to read from 
his various books between courses. 
He happens to be one of Germany's better known 
hotel and food critics, seen repeatedly on TV in 
various food shows.
He's generally a nice and friendly chap and as I 
saw him yesterday with his wife after their regular 
Sunday round of golf, I thoughtit would maybe be 
a good idea to ask him, what he wanted to eat 
that evening in December. After all, he is reading 
for free, so hemight as well pick the menue. Taking 
his profession into account, he won't suggest 
anything offish. 

After three seconds of consideration, he came up
with lacquered duck. Great choice, I thought. 
Now, I'll have to get our chef to make it. This should
be a challenge. My mind is already full with sides 
to go with the duck. 
Like caramelised apples. Walnut bread. Sweet
potato fritters. Pumpkin cream. Buttered Brussel 
sprouts.Truffle gnocci. Hmmmm..........

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