My little car – it is so tiny, one of my colleagues jokingly calls it a varnished spark plug – had to have it’s MOT. In fact, it was long overdue.

Last weekend my sweetheart mentioned, that his car needs to be taken to the inspection soon. All blood rushed to my head, as I had completely forgotten about my own inspection date. I looked up my papers, just to find out, I should have done this in July, already. Lucky, the police never stopped me since, as driving around without a valid inspection sticker means a hefty fine.

So I speedily arranged for the MOT to be done. More bad news, my little red vehicle didn’t pass the test. It has to have new brakes, both on the front and rear axes. I went to the mechanic, we usually go to, to find out, when the brakes could be changed and how much it would cost me. Turns out, they could do it swiftly, this week even. I just can’t pay for it, it is so expensive. I am not even sure, the car is worth as much as the repair costs. I’ll have to shop around a bit, maybe there is a cheaper solution, somewhere….