First of Ten and Seven of Nine

God. The idea of montheistic religions is defined by that one deity existing and having created pretty much everything. He (as I have come to notice, that everything supposedly credited to or coming from this being or idea has a rather male point of view) therefore reserves the right to tell us, how to live and what to do and believe.

Thus, there usually exists a set of rules. Take the basic, main set of rules for big monotheistic religions such as Judaism or Christianity. The ten commandments. Of these, take the first one.

“I am the Lord God. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

If there exists just one, how reasonable is this first imperative? As if per introduction, a paradox is set forth. Like ordering us to not have a third knee or some such thing. Or else, the ONE knows full well, there are other Gods, but he orders believers to lie about it (to whom, remains unexplained). Or else, “he” knows, a God doesn’t exist of itself but the idea of it is created by those believing. Which ends all discussion about the existance of God for good.

I have long since stopped believing in a God and a long struggle it was. Causing all sorts of distress and pains. But I had help along the road from firm believer to rebel, through agnosticism to atheism. For which I am very thankful. As I catch myself at times, reacting to things with reflexes so “religiously” inbred, it is scary. Like nature in it’s beautiful occurrences instilling an awe in me, that automatically brings forth a feeling of having to be thankful to someone/something for it. Or emotional struggle with the idea of life ending making me crave for more than there actually is. As if what we have were not enough, already.

Little logical exercises like the one above help me to get my stuff together, once more. I have to admit, it wasn’t me, who pointed out this illogicality in the first commandment, but it was an Austrian comedian, Mr. Gunkl. I listened to one of his programs this morning, in which he makes exactly this point (for those of you, who understand the Austrian version of German, listen to him, starting 50 minutes into the program).

Gunkl’s point is but one of many incidents, reminding me to think. Leading me to apply one of Seven of Nine’s phrasings: “It is irrevelant”, to religion, once again.

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  1. I don’t think I have ever heard you use the “A” word before.
    As for the first commandment – it is kind of brilliant considering the fact that thousands of different gods and goddesses had been around for thousands of years before Mr. Mono came along. All that past history erased in 8 short words. Mission accomplished.

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