city furniture

There are the  lamps and seats and clocks, the trash-pins and bike-stands, the posts and fences and fountains. All of this is subsumed with the term “Stadtmöbel” (city furniture). Things, cities and communities buy to put in public spaces for the comfort of sojourners.

And then there are the ornamental pieces, monuments and art, to decorate public space. My, oh my. Much horrible stuff is about in pedestrian areas all over Germany. Some small town ornaments are… I can’t quite express what they are. I have seen many a smaller town, which has put up stone balls for decoration. No function to serve other than to be in the way and looked at. The more expensive version is the same sort of stone ball turned into a well, water flowing over it, while the ball turns. I am sure, it is all expensive stuff and, since I am a good natured person, I like to think, this stuff has been bought by officials in town governments, to bring some joy and beauty to their citizens. Well, they can’t get them all.

I am lucky to live in Berlin. Being a major city and capital, lots of the above mentioned items are quite nice to look at. However, last week I drove by an object, that was rather irritating. Have a look and judge for yourself….

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