After I had harvested the last of my peas in summer, I planted a few white cabbages. They were a bit meager, maybe it was a little too hot and dry. But now they come into their time, growing quite well. I am sure, this is due to the rainfall in October and the very mild conditions in November, so far.

I don’t know, why I think to know, that white cabbage needs frost to taste well (same goes for cale). Maybe something I picked up as a kid from my grandparents. As my mom never had any of these veggies in her little garden (she doesn’t  like to eat them, that’s why).

So, with no expertise other than hearsay, I can’t even remember well, I will leave my cabbages out untill some substantial frost sets in. Until then, I’ll wait with anticipation and admire their beauty…

cabby detail