up to your nose

Do I think, writing about my cat playing games with me is appropriate at this point in time? Yes. Do I think, I should rather express my feelings about what happened in Paris? No. Do I have any idea how to stop this from happening and the means to enforce my idea? No. Am I worried about the martial language used by officials, speaking of WW III already? Yes. What would expressing my feelings change about the world in general? Nothing, really. Do I think, everybody in their right minds (apart maybe from those personally affected) have similar feelings to my own? Yes. Why do I bring it up here, then? Because a few facts annoy me about the overall reception of said occurrencies.

First, all of this is done in the name of a God. Just goes to show, that religion poisons everything. However far fetched and misconceived the arguments of the terrorists might be for the vast majority of Muslims, all those “not in my name” comments are misleading. The core problem is the religion itself. Same goes for any religion. Second, I think, the news reports are highly imbalanced. Was it not just a week ago, suicide bombers blew up 50 odd people in Beirut? And two weeks ago hundreds of Russian citizens found their death with that airplane crashing, which is thought to have been a terrorist attack, too. Lost lifes are lost lifes. Every single one is one too many. And third, I dislike the automated link of the adjective cowardly to terrorist attacks. The combination is used in German media all the time (feige Attacke, feiger Anschlag). One can call this atrocities all sorts of things: heinous, cold-hearted, murderous, appalling, contemptuous, and so on. But not coward.

I believe, that my rage has to end exactly where your nose starts. So, I now shoved my thoughts up to your nose. None further.