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For no reason whatsoever,  Tetris came to my mind recently. This resulted in playing the game on the computer again. I think, the last time I played Tetris was back in Austria, at circumstances’ house on her game boy some 25 years ago . I wasn’t any good at it back then, whereas I am sure, my friend was excellent at it. But I always enjoyed sorting the various shapes together.

All I can say, is, that I haven’t improved since. But it is still as enjoyable as it was back then. I noticed one difference though: whereas I never felt any stress playing it then, I do get all stressed out now, once the piles are up and there is next to no time left to fit the ever faster dripping pieces in. To such an extent, that my mouse arm and shoulder up to my neck are sore from cramping up so much. Seemingly, there are age limits to everything.




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  1. It’s so disappointing. Ten years ago I was infallible, immortal. Today I have ‘stuff’ that bothers me daily and I am horribly aware of the mortality of myself and my loved ones. Even going to the gym last Sunday left me unable to put my left hand above my head! Multi-tasking? Some days I’m happy just to function…

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  2. Smile.
    I actually sucked at Tetris despite the 30,000+ games I played. My playing had a different function – it occupied a certain portion of my brain so that the rest was freed up to work out something else – a problem I had to solve, an experience I had to process, the wording of whatever I was writing in my head . . . My wins and losses didn’t even register with me – I just pushed “Play again” with no sense of failure or accomplishment. Then it was Tetris. Now it is Snood. Same deal.

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    1. The older I get, the more I find that I am not at all capabable of this quality called multitasking (unless while gardening). You are, somehow. I can’t even iron AND watch TV at the same time, like you can. But then again, you listen TV more than watching it.


      1. I think multi-tasking is slightly different. When I play these games, I do it at a different level of consciousness. When I try to watch TV, my mind wanders and I suddenly realized I wasn’t paying attention and missed a lot. (I also get really antsy). If I do Sudoku or play solitaire while “watching” (i.e. listening), I hear every word. Weird, hey?

        And why I am really writing this . . . it is late November. Aren’t we supposed to be expecting your visit? Any plans?

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      2. oh, you’re right. I did originally plan to visit home in November but put it off. My niece won’t do Maturaball but one more year of school 😦 I am sorry for not letting you know earlier. I did take some time off in November, but stayed at home and relaxed, hence the time for tetris. Maybe I’ll come in February.


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