Sunday Matinée

This week it is British painter Alex Hanna, who lives and works in Hackney, London. He says, he is interested in ambiguous arrangements of objects and spatial illusion. I really like his reduced palette and how he spaces things to create something close to tranquility.


alexhanna a4 paper and books
A4 paper and books Alex Hanna


alexhanna folded fabric
Folded fabric Alex Hanna


alexhanna alfoil1
Alfoil 1 Alex Hanna


alexhanna shampoo 3a
Shampoo 3a Alex Hanna


alexhanna pink 2a
Pink 2a Alex Hanna


alexhanna pill packaging 2a
Pill packaging 2 Alex Hanna


alexhanna radiator6
Radiator 6 Alex Hanna

3 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. This is kind of inspiring. I looked around the house at all the little piles of crap and tried to envision them in isolation and in black and white with shadows – turn them into “compositions” so to speak. From where I am sitting right now in front of my laptop and looking into the hall, I can see two works of art: “Laundry Basket with Old Paper” and “Jacket Over Basket on Chair”.

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    1. 🙂 – same here, my hall featuring “Pyjamas hanging from cupboard” and “Pair of tattered Converse sneakers at an angle”


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