Christmas sky

Warm and rainy it was last night. Unusal, one might say, for Christmas Eve, the day all of Germany celebrates. But maybe we will have to get used to that, thanks to climate change. On the upside of this, it also means more mediterranean crops will come to fruition as far north as Berlin.


x-mas moon

Anyways, it was a real nice sky lit up with an almost full moon. And my Christmas tree turned out all beautiful again. We had a very cheery evening, great food and everybody enjoyed their gifts. I am proud owner of a brand new spade and pruning shears and a cuddly new bathrobe. Plus one of those new mobiles I was trying so hard to avoid. Well, one can’t have it all and maybe I’ll get used to have one. But please just shoot me, if I start to stare at this device instead of having real conversations. Or, even worse, join the selfie craze.



I’m off to work now, someone has to hold down the fort. And with nice weather like this, I am sure, some folks will want to walk off their Chrismas dinner over a round of golf.

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