Sunday Matinée

With the start of the new year, winter finally arrived. Snow and ice, slowly turning into slush with wear.

Best, to share some winter impressions on canvas….


winter winter at witch mountain mark reifenstein
Winter at Witch Mountain Mark Reifenstein


Wool Mittens Ken Vrana
Wool Mittens Ken Vrana


winter winter in tbilisi lela tabliashvili
Winter in Tbilisi Lela Tabliashvili


deathwalker Marko Gacesa
Death Walker Marko Gacesa


winter winter dumitrache ciprian
Winter Dumitrache Ciprian


winter five and dime Ken Vrana
Five and Dime Ken Vrana


winter following the path jack jung
Following the Path Jack Jung


winter warmth in snow guowen fang
Warmth in Snow Guowen Fang


winter seasons claudio missagia
Seasons Claudio Missagia


winter winter, snow vysual rain
Winter, Snow Vysual Rain