one more night

Somehow, on Monday my world came to a halt. With bits and pieces about Bowie in the media and seemingly everywhere, memories came flooding back, of times long gone. I was not aware of just how interwoven this artist’s ouvre is with my own life. And I notice a few interesting facts:

  1. I am on wordpress since August 2015 and follow roughly 200 blogs by now. I was not aware, how many of those bloggers also revere David Bowie. There seems to be an invisible thread. One likes posts of people of a similar kind.
  2. It is the first instance of having to acknowledge for real, that I am mortal, too. The heroes of my youth are dying. So will I. That is truly a drastic experience. I am happy, there is music left, in this particular case.
  3. It is not so much sadness, I feel, but emptiness.

High time, to put my mind on something bright. Tomorrow, my friend is coming for a visit! Just one more night to sleep…

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  1. You know, I noticed the same thing. A lot of my friends – bloggers and otherwise – are writing tributes to him. Sad, empty, hollow – whatever you want to call it – we all feel it. A sad day, indeed…

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