It’s been five years since I last saw my nephews. The three fine sons of my brother have grown to full-size youngsters on the brink of adulthood.

I was taken by surprise by their change so much, I got them mixed up. The oldest I remembered being that shot-up, thin boy. So I greeted the tallest of the three, lining up to say hello to me, with his name. Turns out, I got it all wrong. They were polite enough to bite their tounge, not correcting me and giving me a few minutes to try and figure out who is who.

I had to recall, that the middle one was always the looker, a sleek, funny charmer with a twinkle in his eyes, even as a small boy. He obvioulsy had outgrown his brothers and his father physically and towers over the lot impressively, being one and a half heads taller than the rest. But he still is the social lubricant of the three. The oldest was and still is an earnest, thoughtful person, who will respond politely to any question posed but doesn’t reveal anything lightheartedly and without being prompted. I always used to think, that he appeared to carry a somewhat dark burden on his shoulders. This impression still lingers, when I watched the young man, but it seems, he is more confident to be able to work things out now for himself.

From first sight, there was no mistaking the youngest, though. He’s still the determined, sturdy rebel, steadfastly doing his own thing. And no mistakes about it.

So, remembering their personalities, I overcame my confusion about their physical change. Which is worth another post.

I could (and surely will over the next few days) go on forever about the joys and pleasures of visiting my brother and his flock last weekend. But now I have to hurry back to my table at work. Bliss is over…