It has escaped my attention so far, but yesterday I did notice. There was some daylight left, when I came home from work. Seems, that the endless dark subsides, finally. This is great news!

This winter was odd. Most of it felt like endless November. And a warm November at that. Just a few days in January were like real winter, you know the great assembly of cold, snow and sun. The rest was rather drab, wet and windy. Speaking of wind, for today another storm is forecast.

But last night, I did notice the first tips of my tulips coming up from the earth. And this was great news. All of a sudden, I went into gardening mode. In my mind, anyways. Wondering, whether I should start sowing stuff already.

However, I don’t trust this little sign of spring, yet. There will be another, severe cold spell, I think.

I’ll do what I always do: watch the trees and bigger shrubs. Whenever they are ready to grow buds and leaves, winter is officially over.