My das had a better day yesterday. He noticed it wasn’t his wife at his bedside, so he asked is she well? He asked, who I was, but didn’t remember anyone by my name, so he said, that I must be Regina (my sister). Close enough, I thought. His next question was: When am I to go home from the hospital? (He forgot, it is a home for the elderly, he spent the last weeks in.) That were obviously his most pressing questions and all the conversation he could muster. Boy, did I have good news: he is to be transferred home today in the afternoon. I am picking up his 24h professional caretaker today around midday. This helper, Mihai, will stay in my parent’s house in the little flat upstairs, ready to help my mom with everything. I hope, this arrangement will work for both mom and dad. And for this Mihai, too.
My mom at least seems mighty relieved. So am I, almost, at least. I just have to sort the money side of it all, with lots of red tape still left for Monday. But everything at its own time.

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