the private corner

Right next to my tiny writing desk, which fits a laptop, a cup of coffee and an ashtray, nothing more, are two small hamper boxes stacked atop each other. In one I store my hats (last looked at ages ago), the other one contains cables, chargers and the like. Again, on top of these boxes, I have, what little I call my very private corner, ever since I moved in with my sweetheart: two black and white photographs, a small calendar and a little earthen figurine I once made. On the wall above it hang a photograph of my sweetheart as a young man (looks foreign) and an ink drawing to match the big frame above my desk, containing another three inks of the same Berliner artist, whose name is Clemens, if I recall correctly. I bought the artwork at a house sale he held, way back when. At a time, Prenzlauer Berg was still full with young, broke artists, instead of well to do Yuppies, Dinks and what not. I still like the drawings a lot. But that’s not at all, what I was wanting to write about in this post.

It is the two framed photographs on said hamper boxes. The frames I found a long time ago at one of Berlin’s many jumble sales. They look (and propably are) very old, both made of metal, brass I guess, thin brass, darkened with age. One is really tiny, maybe 10 x 6 cms and contains a wedding photograph I once took of my dear Austrian friend. Right when she moved to Switzerland, where she lives ever since.

The bigger frame measures maybe 20 x 18 cms and holds another black and white family photograph. It is a present from my best friend and must be 15 years old by now; judging by the baby’ s age. On this photograph, the baby is maybe one year old, cuddled in her father’s arm, who beams proudly at the camera. Backed by his blond wife, her eyes glowing happily through her round glasses. She also smiles, but one can tell, she was prompted to.

This little corner represents my chosen family. Away from home and my original family. Whenever I please, I just look at the pictures and feel loved and appreciated. Same goes back to those two women.

One of which celebrates her birthday today (or so I hope). So, Happy Birthday to you!

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  1. Thanks friend. That picture always made me laugh. By far not the best one of the session, yet still the one everyone chose. 🙂 Are you going to add a music box playing “If I only had a brain” to the private corner?

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