Sunday Matinée

Despite my own rule of thumb, by which religion poisons everthing, I’d quite like to explore some paintings on this topic. After all, it is Easter Sunday. This is by definition THE single most important festivity, any Christian celebrates (or at least it should be). And I have to say, there is new and exciting art around. Have a look.


rl mecanique generale Jerome Rochette
Mecanique Generale Jerome Rochette
rl the wings Natasha Reiter
The Wings Natasha Reiter
rl the sacrifice frederico cortese
The Sacrifice Frederico Cortese
rl the last supper andrei dubinin
The Last Supper Andrei Dubinin
rl the body is nothing sergii radkevych
The Body is nothing Sergii Radkevych
rl passion in rio tancredi dollfus
Passion in Rio Tancredi Dollfus
rl pope innocent x fomenko maxim
Pope Innocent X Fomenko Maxim
rl jezus frank heylen
Jezus Frank Heylen
rl süden Raoul Korzuschek
Süden Raoul Korzuschek
rl ecce arrogans pascal fessler
Ecce Arrogans Pascal Fessler
rl dulzura leticia banegas
Dulzura Leticia Banegas
rl a mother's prayer millis pyrography
a Mother’s prayer Millis Pyrography
rl thailand monks guy de belie
Thailand Monks Guy de Belie
rl veritas sophia miroedova
Veritas Sophia Miroedova
rl healing of blind Barthemaeus Jayashree Jayapaul
Healing of Blind Jayashree Jayapaul
rl conclave karen shahverdyan
Conclave Karen Shahverdyan
rl 1967 maupal mauro pallotta
1967 Maupal Mauro Pallotta
rl five bread and two fishes mitko zhelezarov
Five bread and two fish Mitko Zhelezarov
rl the prayer in ta'er monastery andrei bludov
The prayer at Ta’er Monatery Andrei Bludov
rl the conundrum of epic Allanrey 'migz' Salazar
The Conundrum of epic Perspective Allanrey ‘migz’ Salazar
rl chosen loz taylor
Chosen Loz Taylor
rl religion davide canepa
Religion Davide Canepa

4 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

      1. A mother’s prayer, and Veritas, and Healing of the blind, all these three I think are really lovely and striking, the others not so much. Five bread and two fish is also good.

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