A friend of mine works for the radio. She asked me could I give her a statement on the differences between male and female humour tonight. I’ll do her the favour but don’t have the slightest idea about what to say.

In general, I think male humour is louder, more aggressive or slap-stick and revolves often around “dirty” topics. Or sports. Whereas female humour tends to be more narrative, about their own flaws or mistakes or describes absurd situations. Or involves wordplay or puns. But I might be wrong, as I am not very learned in this field.

According to lonely heart ads, both sexes appreciate and look for the quality of humour or a sense of humour in the other sex. However, I guess, if men look for this quality in a woman, they think of a woman who laughs at their jokes, whereas women in this instant more look for someone who tells the jokes and entertains.

I think, this last statement is going on tape tonight.

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