Our little cat Lilly hopefully will have many healthy kittens come May.

A few weeks ago, she started howling at the moon. And the sun. Stopped feeding alltogether, her face pressed against the windows whenever we kept her inside. Running up and down excitedly. In short, she was in heat for the first time.

When we first got Lilly as a kitten, we decided to let her have babies once, before we’d have her spayed. To be honest, those few days of heat were no fun. The neighbours even started complaining about the noise, this tiny animal made. Of course, tomcats of every size and colour started to populate our garden, too. Some of them had violent arguments amongst each other. We just hope, a friedly red-and-white male won the fight for Lilly in the end. He’s a well-natured boy, who’d visited often, before and we’d much like him to be the father to our first (and only) Lilly offspring. But who knows.

Now, we hope, Lilly is expecting. She is all homely all of a sudden, is very cuddlesome and eats well again. My sweethearts says, if he did his maths right, the kittens should come around my birthday in May. That would be such a nice birthday surprise.


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