Not Mrs. President

This weekend the election for President of the German Bridge Federation was held. And no, my sweetheart wasn’t elected.

Instead, they elected a relatively unknown guy coming from the Hannover area. But the new President spent the last few months travelling up and down Bridge Germany, attending every regional assembly meeting introducing himself and visiting every website of the electorate to learn their names and habits and quirks, knowing the electorate really well in the end. He sure knows how to collect votes.

My sweetheart, instead, managed to get in his written concept only a few days prior to this weekend. He was too busy with family affairs to give this thing it’s due attention. But he isn’t overly disappointed. He said, this propably saved him a couple of years of lifetime, avoiding the stress and travel asocciated with the position. He would have had to leave for Lausanne this week already, to attend a sports court ruling. And on and on the travel list went, that the new President is confronted with. And my sweetheart says, the new guy seems to be ok and will do a good job, so there is nothing to worry about.

I am contend with the outcome, too. Although I am not going to be Mrs.President now and therefore can not compete with circumstance, whether Mrs. Direktor or Mrs. President counts more in the world of the vicariously titled.

5 thoughts on “Not Mrs. President

    1. In Germany I’d rather not use anything with leader in it (Führer). But in general, your idea is great and I will think about something…


      1. I’ll just stay with what my mom used to say about my dad’s role as the head of the family:”He may well be the head, but I am the neck, turning him which ever way I want.” So, no title, just power 🙂


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