Sunday Matinée

By last week’s request of Nara, I duly go for Egon Schiele today.

Of the Austrian artists of his era, he is my favourite, still.  Mostly known for his rather drastic female nudes and self portraits, the former being on the border to pornography and the latter to outright craziness, while some pictures intermingle.

But. But the rawness. The sense of proportion, on first sight almost distortion. The barren colouring. Emotions like despair, want, admiration, the frost of loneliness, the feeling of not belonging, all are right there, to be seen.  And his works of nature, houses and children speak of attentiveness and tender care.

I will leave out the well known images but go for my personal favourites, as per usual.

Vier Bäume Schiele
Mann und Frau, Umarmung Schiele
Häuser mit bunter Wäsche Schiele
Auf dem Bauch liegender weiblicher Akt Schiele
Kardinal und Nonne Schiele
es setting-sun
Untergehende Sonne Schiele
Portrait Schiele
Hockender Frauenakt Schiele
Garten mit Baum Schiele
es the-old-city
Alte Stadt Schiele
es autumn-sun
Herbstsonne Schiele
es death-and-the-maiden
Der Tod und das Mädchen Schiele
Triest Schiele
Alte Giebelhäuser in Krumau vom Schloßberg aus Schiele
Doppelportrait Otto and Heinrich Benesch Schiele
Haus mit Schindeln Schiele
Kastanienbäumchen Schiele


5 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. All of his people look old – even the children. All of his houses – even the old ones – look young (in the sense of childlike). Why do you suppose that is?


    1. He died so young (28), maybe people to him just looked old? Most houses he drew in Krumau, his grandmothers birthplace, I guess, he had them in memory from childhood. Although I don’t think the houses to be drawn childlike. He (and Kokoschka) marked the end of Art Nouveau and the beginning of modernism in Vienna and I think he tried to find new ways for depicting things.


  2. Ah thank you! It’s great to see some I haven’t seen before.

    The houses one… Am I right in thinking there’s some Hundertwasse influence there? (Either way, I love both artists!)

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    1. It might be the other way round: some Schiele influence in Hundertwasser art. Hunderwasser was born 1928, 10 years after Schiele died, only 28 years of age, of the Spanish flu.


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