My sweetheart and I have numerous projects going on. The redo of a flat, my sweetheart rents out is underway. Also, we finally are getting rid of his old, horrible sofa and ordered a new one weeks and weeks back. Of course, this requires a repaint of the living room (something, my sweetheart is not so fond of, but as he agreed to get the new sofa, he found out, that a complete overhaul was intented by me – more on this soon). Also, somehow spring happened and my mind was set on getting new furniture for our terrace, too. So I asked my sweetheart to surf for and find something, I might like. He did.

Mind you, all of this should have been done and dealt with during my off season at work. But, but. If you have shops and their deliviery times and craftsmen and their reliability and punctuality to deal with, things tend to delay. Plus, with the flat, much more work had to be done, than we first thought. All electrical fixtures had to be completely renewed and the kitchen floor turned out to be totally rotten, with a big hole in the ground appearing underneath it. Plus my fine plan required a wall to be taken out. So there was much building going on.

This week, though, lots and lots is going to finalise. The oak floor in the flat is going to change colour. The tiles in the kitchen are already up, although the kitchen furniture will take until July to be delivered. Just as well, as the floor in the kitchen had to be cast new and needs to dry for a month until it can be tiled. And our garden furniture is going to be delivered on Wednesday, too. So there is lot’s of anticipation.

Our new sofa theoretically should have been delivered a while ago. Still no notice from the store, though. Which I am not too sad about, as I have no time, right now, to repaint the living room. I have one day off work this week, tomorrow. Which I need to clear away the old garden furniture.

We intented to give it all to the refugees supposed to arrive this spring in our community. But there is no sign of them, yet. And I don’t have storage space, so actually I face a little problem. We’ll see, what can be done about this tomorrow.