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This year’s German Golf League kicks off this Sunday with the first of five competition days. The field is organised in groups of five golf clubs each, playing on various levels against each other. Our ladies team happens to play on 2. Bundesliga. The boys did so too, until last year they were beat and had to step down one level to regional league. We fully expect them to come up this year once again to federal level. Or else!


This year, the league starts off at home for both our teams. So we have eight more teams to host this weekenend. This will be around one hundred players, their caddies and trainers. Yesterday, some of the guest teams already arrived to train. The rest, I am sure, are already on their way from all over Germany to arrive in a couple of hours. Official training day is today. So, I have an exciting weekend ahead. This morning I expect to welcome the tournament directors from the German Golf Association at 11:00 to have everything ready and organised for the big day on Sunday.

Already all walkie talkies for the referees and the blackberry phones for the players to put in their live scoring during competition are on their stations, loading up for Sunday.

Greenkeeping has  worked double shifts all week, culminating in mowing, sanding, combing and double-mowing of the greens yesterday, to get them faster. It has been way too cold for decent growth this spring, so the head greenkeeper works every trick, to have great putting surfaces ready on Sunday. Plus, there was no rain whatsoever during the last two or three weeks. So irrigation has been running full blast, most of the retention lakes we have are already low on water.

And there is no rain to be expected until Friday next week. If it comes. The forecast has always pushed it away further and further.

But I am glad, that for competition day on Sunday, sun and warmth are predicted. Everything should turn out just fine, with our teams getting a head start on their own course this season. Let’s go!

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