I like to complain and yell at other drivers, while driving. Which is not bothering anyone, as I am almost always by myself in my little car. It rids me of any surplus aggression or tension there might be. So I consider this healthy. And I can train my ability to form scintillating patterns of quick-witted repartee. Or so I hope.

Problem being, that this has become quite a habit. So any time, my sweetheart happens to be in the passenger seat (or anyone else, for that matter), he turns his head at me in wonder and with a smile on the face. Surprised by my constant annotation of other driver’s behaviours and what I think of it.

I am not a complaining person, in normal life. But on the road, I get annoyed. I have places to go to, after all. What is this, creeping down the road at a dazzling 30 km/hour, when one is allowed to go 50. Which in my book reads 60, most of the time. Or else, one of the most annoying behaviours, I happen to witness in traffic: first slowing down to turn right or left, to only put the indicator on, after those behind you had to slam their brakes already. Can’t you people give the world a head start on your erratic direction choices?

See, just thinking about it gets me going. I wonder, do I have to do something about it? Or will I just stick with this nice illustration and shrug my shoulders?

samuel l jackson

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  1. Hilarious. I had to tell my hubby to calm down this morning when some guy almost rammed into us on a roundabout. Easy for me, as I don’t drive. Still, I would have to opt for Samuel L Jackson as well!

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