Room with an inside view

As promised, here are a few glimpses at our recent efforts to enhance our flat.


Actually, that cabbage picture fits perfect behind the dining table. Good to know, it’s not just looking stylish, but was grown by myself and tasted really nice. And I like the shading which connects all the hues used in this room in a great way, but even more so the delicate structure of this plant’s leafs. Just the photo file itself reveals this much better, and enlarged to 140 x 100 cm, it becomes quite stunning.


And here’s the other side of the room.


As I could’nt find a table to fit, my sweetheart built one. He did a real great job, I think. And to circumstance: the landscape pic I took on my way down to see you this February, with the moisture steaming up from the fields around Groß Wilfersdorf. Blown up to 180 x 70 cm, it looks exquisite. And always reminds me of the nice time we had.


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