I don’t know what happened, maybe I woke up too early for today’s shift. But this morning I sit here with free time. Weird sensation after weeks of mind-numbing exhaustion or a long list of to-dos always on my mind.

It’s not that I don’t have some postponed stuff to do, still. Like the update of our bridge club members address list, for instance. But this Sunday morning sure is not going to be the day I start with this project. It has been sitting on my desk since end of March patiently, so it will stay there for a few more days. Or this letter from the Finanzamt (NRS), reminding me, that my 2015 tax return is long overdue and has to be provided by August 31st, at the latest. But this deadline is still weeks from now, so not to worry.

Sunday morning is blog time. Actually, it’s Sunday Matinée time. I wonder, how did I manage to come up with fresh artwork I like every week? I realise, what luxury it is, to have the time to let ones mind roll. Look at things. Find new stuff. Or remember stuff one once noticed briefly and rediscover it. I will need a while, until I get back into this routine.

But I think it is important to try. Takes your mind off the seemingly always urgent and pressing tasks of everyday life.

Then again, it might be just the rhythm of my profession. No time for anything during season, easy in winter. Tell you what, albeit I do this line of work since start of the nineties, I still am not quite used to it. Somehow, I always feel, I am missing out on something. Which is stupid. But Sundays are Sundays. And summer is summer. Can’t help but watching in envy, while seemingly everybody around me enjoys their summer leisure time.

I know, this all is complaint at a luxury level. Everthing considered, I love my job and am doing fine. Thinking of the horrors of other people’s lives, be they sick or unemployed or refugees or trapped in war, to name just a few scenarios that come to mind, I have no reason to moan, what so ever. Still, I am glad, I got that off my chest. Maybe now I can start taking in other things again. Right after today’s shift, that is. Which I am off to, right now 🙂