Since what seems like an eternity already and for some more weeks to come, I am wardrobeless. When our place got new flooring, we took the old wardrobe down to be taken away, with the new one ordered but not delivered yet. It will come end of August, at the earliest.

Thus, I packed all winter clothing, most of the duvet covers and sheets plus all stuff we seldom wear (mostly dressing up stuff like suits and dresses) in suitcases and bags to be stored in the cellar for the time being. The same way went all the textiles I still keep in the faint hope to shrink back into one day by some miracle (stupid, I know, but a girl needs a dream or two…).

Everything else – the stuff we actually wear – fits in a dresser and on a hatstand we borrowed from a neighbour. And even from that small selection of clothing, we haven’t really worn everything, yet.

I start to wonder, whether we really need that new wardrobe at all. Wouldn’t we be better off, to just leave everything out in plain sight? Maybe just put a second hatstand up (granted, the one we use now is a tad overloaded), making it a his and hers. Only owning clothing, that we like and wear on a regular base.

As soon as one can close a door on something, it is often forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind. And with wardrobes, I am particularly sloppy. I recall my mother sometimes completely emptying out my wardrobe to have me fold and stack or hang everything anew and in an orderly fashion, when I was a child. So this seems to be a lasting bad habit of mine. Because of that, I ordered some extra drawers to go into the new wardrobe, already. In the hope to keep things separated and in some order in future. But now I doubt this to be such a great idea.