it’s all coming together

I’ve been reporting about the clutter at my home, recently. Due to early delivery of furniture and lack of time to assemble it all. All would have to wait until Friday, when I have a day off, to help my sweetheart with it. But could it wait?

Turns out, it could not. So the mornings and evenings and yesterday even the late evening were spend to build up the big wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Two huge sliding doors for the wardrobe presenting the biggest trouble.

We lifted the heavy things up and into their place, but they would not slide as supposed, no matter how many times we took them off and heaved them up again. My sweetheart is a great craftsperson – I am sure I mentioned this before. But he is not exactly a believer in looking up any assembly instructions. You know, the leaflets containing drawings of all parts and pictures of little matchstick men, that show you, when to put together which part with what screw. Explaining where and how to put fixtures. Thus, the sweetheart quite often ends up pulling apart stuff that would not come together and build it all over, this time right. Same here: two of the top fixtures securing the doors to their guard rail were installed in the wrong order,  preventing them to slide one behind the other. So down the doors went once again, the steel fixtures swopped to their right places and after hanging the doors up one last time, they now smoothly slide back and forth.

But there was more trouble to come. I had bought drawers and other interior fittings for the wardrobe from Ikea, whereas the wardrobe itself was produced by a different company. But the measurements of the thing itself were just the same as Ikea wardrobes, and the original fittings were so damn expensive. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll just get the interior much cheaper at Ikea’s.

My sweetheart ends up paying for this mistake of mine in sweat now. Due to whatever reason, maybe different thickness of wood used for the wardrobe proper, the drawers are just a tad too long. So while I was at work yesterday, my sweetheart had to dissemble and shorten two of four drawers. The other two still sit here, waiting to be done. The shortening, while being tedious work, not being the biggest problem, but the sliding mechanism, that now doesn’t fit so well any more. But he somehow build them into their place and they work fine, too.

Meanwhile, the last piece of furniture still due, arrived yesterday. A set of drawers for the hall. So when I came home from work last evening, there were even more pieces of wood and boxes and parts everywhere. Mere six hours later, all of this additional clutter was put together and up and standing at its supposed place of service. With its predecessor emptied out and down in the cellar, the packaging out in the paper bin and the vacuum cleaner running to do away with all the sawdust, the wardrobe drawer shortening process has left.

I am sure, our neighbours were not so amused by all the din we caused so late of an evening. Well, it was more leaning to midnight, really. But we will soon be done. Two more drawers to shorten, some additional shelfing for the kitchen to be constructed and we shall be finished. No more drilling and sawing and hammering day and night, for years to come. I promise.

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