ta daa

On special request of circumstance, here are a few pics from our all new bedroom and hall. For good measure, I also threw in one of my little private corner in the office. The place I sit and write all these posts.

I even included one of the made-to-fit drawers, that gave my sweetheart such a headache. To make up for my shopping-mistake with the wrong drawers, I want to direct your attention to the little dark strip-thingy left of the wardrobe.


Although the dark wood has to be painted white yet, as it doesn’t really fit the colour of the wardrobe proper and I’d rather have it match the wall now, it was my idea to have it there. We always used the gap between wall and wardrobe as a storing place for the ironing board and clothes horse. But this also has always been a sore to the eye. So I asked my sweetheart to just make a little door to close that gap. It really only is a board, joined to the wall with hinges and a handle in front. The sweetheart added a little shelf, too. So now even the iron disappears behind it. I think, it is an improvement.


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