lazy day

The one activity, I can report from yesterday, was writing my post. The rest of the day was just idled away. Couch potatoeing all day. Only interrupted by regular eating breaks. And cuddling up to the cat, who also joined into this family Laissez-faire thing.

There’s nothing wrong with this, I guess. Apart from the long to-do list in my mind, that kind of sneaked in all the time. So today I have to roll up my sleeves and get going.

2 thoughts on “lazy day

  1. It’s nice to hear someone else admit to lying on the couch and eating all day. Now I’m not saying (online) that I have ever spent the day in such a fashion. Well, I guess maybe I am, sort of, admitting that. But then I can’t send this comment out into cyberspace, so I guess I’ll just delete it. Easy enough to do, provided I don’t click near SEND by mistake . . .

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