autumn clearances postponed

My plan for today was to start clearing up the garden. Just as well, I visited the reader today, to learn I shouldn’t. Reading up the latest post of gardeninacity, I found many reasons not to.

As temperatures are forecast to drop below zero overnight any time soon, I intented to cut back the shrubs, wrap up the more delicate plants and do away with all the dead material already dropped to earth. However, I was advised to procastrinate all those activities to spring in order to provide shelter for insects and small animals. Plus leaving some source of food for birds and padding for the ground to protect it from frost. Actually a great idea.

So, for today, I’ll just postpone any autumn clearance activitiy.

I am not sure. my neighbours will appreciate this, though, in the long run. Maybe I’ll have to find a compromise, using the more hidden corners of what little space I call garden to hibernate in a more natural way, clearing up the front a little. This is Germany, after all. Ordnung muss sein.


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