I wish

I wish, I had a solution. I just feel, the world is going to shambles.

Of course, one can be against all the hateful right-wing protesters and take a stance against their stupidity, noticing with increasing fear, how this ugly movement pops up all over the so-called “western civilisation”. And of course one can sit in ones living room, feeling sorry for the millions of co-humans forced to flee their country due to war and outright crime (where is the difference, exactly, between those two?). Not to speak of those drowning every day in the Mediterranian Sea on their attempt to reach European shores. Further more, I suspect, there a countless folks who never make it as far, dropping to the side of the road toward the promised land somewhere between war-ridden and terrorised homeland and those flimsy boats.

But in the end, I fear, it is all going to erupt. When I was younger and prone to categorical statements, I used to declare, that there would be a time, the many having so little would for sure come after the few who have it all. There would be this big revolution, equaling out the infamous inbalance in wealth. It just never occurred to me, that I would still be around to watch the process. What I had in mind back then, was more a vision of the western world only, where the really rich in their envisioned gated communities would be overrun by other westerners, with intention and purpose to change the system from within. Much like the French revolution once was. Or the Russian. I always saw myself fending on the poor side, somehow. I had no idea, that it would become a world wide phenomenon at a much larger scale.  And that I would feel so bad about being part of the wealthy group. With so little power, really, to do anything about it. What a change of perspective. How ignorant I used to be. And still am, to some extend.

I think, what we see these days is just the beginning. On the one hand the multitudinous people trying for a better life elsewhere. After modern media opened their eyes to how it could be. Or else, because war just forces them to seek refuge elsewhere. On the other hand the westerners, decreasing in numbers and their majority feeling singled out and left behind within their own society carved by capitalism.

Already gearing up to find an outside enemy to blame. Rather than trying to help transform their own, sick system, they support the voices calling for higher walls, more fences and harsher rejection. Having to watch the arrogance, with which Europe shuts down its borders, the cynicism with which thousands of people are just left trying to jump up fences in Caleigh, France or that little Spanish enclave in Africa (I forget the name, but think it is in Marocco). The way, once Great, now just Britain, thinks it can remain an island. The way we dump Greece and Italy to deal with those washed up on their shores, it all shames me to the bone.

Knowing humanity, I fear this won’t end until everything is destroyed and the few survivors will be back in caves or up a tree. If they are lucky.

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    1. It took me a while to ponder over your comment. In many ways I feel as unqualified as you, And I am sure I am. Thank you for the “well written” compliment. But please explain:
      I don’t quite understand, what exactly you meant with “we have so many challenges of our own”?

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  1. First, I would ask for taxing every money and stock exchange deal the same way we tax the sale of a loaf of bread. That’s 7% in Germany, if I am not mistaken. These monies should be solely used to help develope the third world. Not in the industrialised way, but in a way, where folks are being educated and given property of land and means to grow their own crop and raise their own life-stock, build their own homes. I really do believe, if people own their plot, they will start to care about it more. In the long run, that should also help ending corruption within some third world countries and develope a sense for real democracy. Working out your differences without destroying everything in the process.
    That would be a start, don’t you agree?
    As for music, I don’t really know. Working class hero from Lennon, maybe?


  2. Indeed, the situation is worrying. The ongoing war on Syria, bombing of UN aid convois or hospitals is a shame. While Presidents Obama and Putin still oppose each other, the UN security council is paralyzed. A number of governments and lobbies want to profit from the conflict and there seems to be no solution for it. As you wish, I agree, there should be a solution soon, to protect the life of civilians, children and refugees.

    Also I agree, injustice and unfair distribution of wealth is one of the reasons for present conflicts. I support any peaceful and diplomatic settlement and solution, like the peace of movement of the eighties helped to stop the cold war and the peaceful revolution in East Germany made an end to the unjust regime.

    If you met a member of government or parliament, what would you ask for? If you wrote a poster for a protest assembly or a petition, what would you demand for? Which song at a peace rally might comfort you?

    “We shall overcome” …

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