tunnel vision

gardeninacity wrote about an act of distracted gardening that occured to him recently. Asking, if we, the readers, had something similar happen to us.

Well, not distracted. Rather overly concentrated. When planting my tulip bulbs on Sunday afternoon, I was so focused on finding good spots between all the other plants for the bulbs to go in, that I completely overlooked one of the summer bloomers still bound high on their supporting stick. Bending down to plant the bulb at hand, I poked that stick straight into my eye. I just didn’t see it coming, in fact, I didn’t notice the plant with stick at all. Until it stuck in my eye. All I can remember is seeing the spot of earth, I wanted the bulb to go into, before the pain hit. I fully expected my eye to turn all black and blue. And was worrying about how to explain to people, that this was a self-inflicted injury.

Luckily, it is just a minor bruise and barely visible. With my reading glasses on, the frame covering most of it, not even I can see it. So I am off the hook for explanations.

This tunnel vision happens a lot, when I am truly emerged in something. At work, I keep my office door open, so I get a hang of what is going on at the reception. I can not see my staff directly, but I can hear, what is happening. So if they are busy with some customer, I pick up the phone for them. And if a tricky situation evolves, I can get up and come to help sort it. This works fine, as long I do my regular work. But when I have to concentrate on something, I shut down. As if surroundings didn’t exist any longer.

Same at home. My sweetheart and I share the office, our tables just two meters apart. He claims, he often talks to me about something, without me reacting at all. While I sit here, blogging or reading or what not. Most of the time, I was suspecting him to just kid me on. But after the stick-in-the-eye experience, I am prone to believe him.

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