Sunday Matinée

Please meet Dalibor Popovic Miksa this week. The young artist from Zagreb, who now lives in Belgrade, is a master of watercolour. His cityscapes are exceptional, I think. Keeping in mind, that watercolour does not allow for any mistakes. The image has to be ready in your mind and you have to get it right the first time.

I really like the way he is able to show light in his paintings. One can almost feel the sun and warmth. It is said, that Dalibor Popovic also is a musician, singing, playing guitar and saxophone.

Lunchtime Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Crossing, acrylic, Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Berlin Alexanderplatz Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Boat Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Laugh Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Light Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Hotel Bala Banja Luka Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Mont Blanc Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Morning Dalibor Popovic Miksa
Sava River Dalibor Popovic Miksa


3 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

    1. Because the are translucent. you can’t put one coat over another, if you got something wrong. What’s white on a watercolour picture, is actually the paper with no colour. With oil or acrylic, you can put a highlight on top of a – say – dark background, you can’t do that with watercolour. Sometimes, even if you are too slow with a brushstroke, the edges dry and get a little darker than the rest. The only thing that works by way of correcting might be a darker shade going on top of a lighter shade. But even then, because the colour is applied with water, all layers tend to intermingle and flow into each other, both changing hues.

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