all season blooming

A famous Berliner gardener and lover of perrenials, Karl Foerster, is quoted to have said: “Bei mir wird durchgeblüht!” (with me, it has to bloom through [all seasons]).

Karl Foerster in seinem Garten 1967 -Photo wikipedia courtesy of Erich Braun


This botanical imperative is something, I am fascinated with since quite a while. I planted some specimen supposed to bloom in winter, but I only did so last autumn and there were no blooms last winter. Hope, this year will work better.

As it is, my other plants seem to have gotten the message. The summer bloomers, having been cut back a couple of weeks ago, sprouted anew. Maybe because of the warm and sunny September weather. And are now showing off a second time. Along with some typical autumn perrenials, they make for a pretty sight, despite the horrible weather we had all of October and a drab, rainy start to November this morning. This makes me happy.