Throughout Germany and Austria, a longstanding tradition still is exercised today: the Sonntagsspaziergang (the Sunday walk). It seems to be categorical, a family ventures out for a walk after Sunday lunch.

In Austria, this tradition may only be forgone, if the entire family is out for a mountainous all-day wandering or climbing spree anyways. Otherwise, one has to have a stroll in fresh air in the afternoon. Lacking mountains here around Berlin, everyone is just out on the streets and woods on a Sunday. The grown ups just do it, the young children follow suit with enthusiasm, running back and forth, having much fun, whereas teenagers usually are forced along unwillingly. Trudging behind with a sourly expression on their faces, these days they at least have a smartphone to keep them entertained while following suit.

Yesterday, I joined the habit. However, I went out in the morning, not exactly keeping in tune with how things are properly done. But I wanted to see the jumble sales at our town. They are held maybe four times a year on Sunday mornings. As I usually have to work,  I never visited it before. So I just took a stroll down to the center. My path led me through what little green is left in our suburban colony. It was overcast and rainy, but I still found some nice things to look at. Which is more than what I can say about the flea market. I’ll put is this way: I haven’t missed much in the past. I do not know, why people offer things for sale, that clearly belong to the rubbish bin.

But, hello, I was out in the fresh air on a Sunday. And I saw this. Good enough for me.



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