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I just noticed, it is December 8th today. As far as I recall, this day is a bank holiday in catholic regions. It sure was back in Austria. Something or other with Maria, I think. This made me compare the bank holidays in Austria for this year to those, protestant  Berlin has to offer.

Austria (Styria)

  1.   New Year
  2. Drei Königs Tag (Adoration of the Magi)
  3. St. Joseph (patron saint of Styria – each county has their own on different dates)
  4. Good Friday
  5. Easter Sunday
  6. Easter Monday
  7. May 1st – Labour Day
  8. Ascension Day
  9. Whitsunday
  10. Whitmonday
  11. Feast of Corpus Christi
  12. Assumption Day
  13. National Holiday
  14. All Saint’s Day
  15. Lady Day – that’s today
  16. Christmas Eve
  17. Christmas
  18. Boxing Day
  19. New Year’s Eve


  1. New Year
  2. Good Friday
  3. Easter Sunday
  4. Easter Monday
  5. Labour Day
  6. Ascension Day
  7. Whitsunday
  8. Whitmonday
  9. National Holiday
  10. Christmas
  11. Boxing Day

Now, there’s a difference of 8 days, we have to work at, while Austrians enjoy their paid leave. Given, in southern, mainly catholic parts of Germany, some of the extra bank holidays also are granted. In Bavaria, for example. But here in Prussia: nope.

Just as well, I have to work on weekends and bank holidays, anyway. From April through to October, that is. But this year will be the first time in donkeys, I have given myself all of Christmas off work: Dec. 24th, 25th and 26th. Ha! In return, I’ll work New Year’s Eve and New Year, when my staff gets to stay at home.


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  1. I use to say “Every time a saint sneezes, Austrians take a holiday.” Add those 19 holidays to five weeks of vacation time and we only work the equivalent of 10 months a year.Become a teacher and it is 9 and 1/2. Become a teacher at the university and it is 7. Aaaahhh, those were the days!

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