Our little cat Lilly had a bad leg recently. No idea what happened, just one day we noticed a limp. It got worse after a day spent outside. So we decided to keep her inside for a while. Although one day she could hardly walk, she was still not amused about having to stay inside. She doesn’t like to use the indoor cat toilet, that’s why. So she stopped eating for a day or two. Eventually (at half past two at night, mind you), she did wake me up and indicated, she wanted to use the toilet after all. So I lifted her in. After that, she wanted food, more than anything, after that sleep.

Keeping her in the house was helping, now she is all well again. However, she was feeling much more secure and in control up high, while she was not well. She went atop my shelf in the office, to have everything in sight. A place, I have never seen her before.


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