already started

While the newsrooms dealt all day with reports about that horrible incident in Berlin on Monday night, the unpleasant discussion I feared, has already startet.

Whereas police, prosecution and the media are all taking great care to just talk about facts, seedy politicians jump to conclusions and call for more law and order as well as restructuring Mrs. Merkel’s policy of dealing with refugees.

So far, all we know is, that the original Polish truck driver was found shot dead in the truck. And that the person arrested, allegedly the second person in the truck, who fled, had to be set free last night. As there was no proof, he actually was in the truck. So they may have caught the wrong man. It still is believed, it was a terrorist attack, but who knows.

Hasn’t kept the leader of a Bavarian, rather conservative party, the CSU, from blaming Mrs. Merkel and her policy with refugees. Much the same as the AfD does. Calling for a restriction on the number of refugees that Germany accepts. As if this could prevent anything.

It makes me so sick, I want to puke.

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