Christmas Eve

Other than in English speaking countries, Christmas here in the German speaking world really happens today, on Christmas Eve.

This year, for me it is entirely different. As it is my first year to have all festivities in my own home. Plus, I don’t have to work at all, this time. From today on, I have five straight days off work, hooray!

Sweetheart has already bought a tree (huge, but really nice) and set it up in the living room yesterday. I am all excited to get it decorated this afternoon. We are both surprised to find, that our little cat Lilly so far completely ignores the tree. I would have sworn, she would be climbing it immediately. But she just behaves as if the tree weren’t there at all. We’ll see, how she likes it with decorations, later on today.

And then, of course, I can’t wait for the presents. I am like a child, when it comes to that. Maybe, because I never had Christmas as a child. I am not talking about the presents, I receive. I am talking about the ones I got for my sweetheart and his mom. I really am looking forward to their faces tonight. I hope, they’ll be pleased.

I understand, my sweetheart is always stressed out about the gifting business. He never knows what to get. He and his mom have this telling-all-around routine. She tells him, what she wants of me, tells me, what he should get her. Followed by respective enquiries. I find this a bit off the intention of gifting, but soon learned, that you receive really odd things, if you do not give clear hints. So I instructed both, that I need new roll neck sweaters (as the last one left has become so threadbare, that my bra is visible under the arms, so I had to demote it from everyday gear to gardening gear). But who knows, there still might be a surprise under the tree for me, too.

But above all, I am looking forward to a nice evening with the people, who have become my family now. We are down to only three, after old Auntie has passed away this year. But I am determined to have a good time, nevertheless. We all shall toast her, remembering previous Christmasses we were able to spend together. And be thankful to still be here.

Something, many in Berlin in this particular week can not do. Thanks to a man, who killed and injured innocent folks this week. The attacker has been shot yesterday by Italian police, after he wounded one of the officers at a trainstation near Milan. Whereas this part of the story has ended, another one still has to be told.

The story of Mr. Lukasz Urban. The original driver of the truck, that later was steered into the Christmas Market. By what police have found, he obviously was putting up a fight in the truck. His body showed signs of a fierce fist fight, with his face bloodied and swollen, he was stabbed numerous times and in the end shot dead, The Guardian reports.

A friend of mine, who runs a freight forwarding business, told me, that if the intention was, to kill as many people as possible, this attack was not very successful. Because the drive through the market stopped after a few metres, when the truck veered back onto Budapester Street, rather than just going straight across the entire market. If it were driven at will further through the market, this vehicle could have killed hundreds.

Maybe we have to thank Mr. Urban for preventing the worst. He leaves a family back in Roznowo, a place across the border to Poland just a two hours drive from Berlin. They won’t be able to have a merry Christmas this year and here’s a toast to them.


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  1. I wish you and your fellow Berliners peace and safety this Christmas season, and light and hope in the face of such evil and darkness.

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