Over the last two days, storm Barbara afflicted much of Germany’s North. While most of the North Sea Islands and wider parts of river-side Hamburg also suffered a storm tide, flooding the fish market completely, we were lucky. Albeit it did rain, we never got the heavy rains and just a softened blow of Barbara.

Hamburg Fish Market yesterday, photo from

The gusts were still strong enough to blow off the winter covers of our outside furniture. Plus the wind damaged our roller blinds on the big door to the patio, ripping them out of their side rails. We were lucky, they didn’t sail away over night.

Minor trouble, when compared to those killed and injured by falling trees in cars or trains, as happened elsewhere up North or those who are stuck on islands now, having to wait until Barbara calms down her rage a little. But still bad enough weather, to spend the last two days inside, couch potatoing.

To pass the time, I tried Sudoku for the first time. And it nearly did me in. I am not much of a numbers girl to start with. But when sweetheart, who somehow produced a book full of those Sudoku riddles from who knows where, started to call them “too easy”, I wanted to give them a try, too. It took me several attempts and a frustrated screaming fit, almost flinging the darn booklet across the room, until I first got one of those damn squares filled in right. Solving Sudokus maybe won’t be becoming a favourite past time of mine.

Today, on my last day of a rare Christmas holiday, we’ll venture out though, wind or no wind. To go and see a Christmas light show staged in the Botanical Gardens of Berlin. I am very much looking forward to this.