Sunday Matinée

I saw something interesting over at designboom: two guys by the names of Mick Farrell and Cliff Haynes have come up with a straw camera.

An analogue device filled with drinking straws. Creating excellent pics, I think. Gives one the feeling of possessing bee – vision, all of a sudden (I am aware, bees have a quite different view than this, but I still like the thought).

I love that approach – experimenting with simple things, getting some amazing results.


that’s the magic box…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. You are right, it’s this kids toy, isn’t it? You are right – the background of it was also exactly like this pics.


  2. Do you remember Lite Brite? A lightboard with colored pegs that you plugged into the holes to make art? That’s what these remind me of, super-sophisticated Lite Brites. Though I like the idea that it’s how bees see things, a very creative observation. 🙂

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