…and aching

It was one o’clock in the afternoon, when the plants finally arrived yesterday.

They took an hour to unpack and water. And then I set out to prepare the ground. What I had not calculated for, was all the underground shit, I had to dig out. Grass roots, roots of what’s its name greenery (namely all the bordering bushes and vines), gravel and building residue of all kind.

I even dug up one of these big, round sewage fixtures made of concrete. Not one in use, just a surplus one, I guess, the builders decided to leave and cover up with earth. As it was located only halfway in my garden, the other half stretching under the pavement of the neighbouring road, I had to leave it in.

So, until nightfall, I had only planted maybe two thirds of my plants. I had to pack the rest into one of the delivery boxes again – it might freeze over night again. The plants will have to wait till Friday to get planted.

And – of course – I can hardly move, today. Slipped discs and gardening don’t go well together. But I just can’t leave it be…

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  1. I remember well the “Spatzen” after my first day of gardening each Spring. But your situation sounds even more . . . painful. I will try to remind you next February to start working out – to prepare yourself for your inevitable gardening zeal and subsequent need for rehabilitation.

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