Sunday Matinèe

Please meet Gillian Lee Smith this week, a young Scottish woman, who now lives further down the coast in Northumberland. She says about her (quite figurative) art:

I seek to create a certain atmosphere and emotion. All at once imagined and familiar, a connection with the viewer and a continued exploration to find my own place in the world.

I like what she does. Have a look…

My-boy-Archie-went off to sea
My boy Archie went off to Sea Gillian Lee Smith
always hoping always dreaming
always hoping, always dreaming Gillian Lee Smith
Strange times are on the way Gillian Lee Smith
Dreaming by Day Gillian Lee Smith
Elspeth Gillian Lee Smith
Looking for the Light Gillian Lee Smith
The end of our Street Gillian Lee Smith
they will come home
they will come home Gillian Lee Smith

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