I am not superstitious at all. However, during the last few weeks, I have this feeling, as if something portentous is lingering somewhere, to just erupt on me in the near future. Something, I guess, to do with work.

This season definitely is different, starting out with lots of staff trouble like illnesses and other worries. At the same time, many appointments for events don’t go as planned – dates have to be shifted and swopped, due to various reasons. I feel, as if all the planning time invested end of last years was just a waste of time. And there are parts of teams within the organisation, that are fighting each other – which is also not going to end well. Rather than wasting their time with nitty-gritty, all parties – including those not involved at all – would be much better off to invest the same amount of energy to get on with their jobs, making the whole enterprise work.

I keep waking up at night in a state of panic. With that sickening thought, that one gets, when forgetting something important (like putting down a reservation for 120 folks, who all turn up at a set time, claiming their rights and you can’t deliver). After searching my mind, I can’t find a real reason for this and calm myself down. But the low gut feeling kind of just lingers on into my working days. It is very energy consuming to try to appear upbeat in front of staff and customers, if one feels so alarmed all the time.

I think (or hope), lots of this is just an effect of stopping to smoke. With my hormones – or whatever else is changing in my body right now – running riot. At least I keep telling this to myself. And hope for the best.


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  1. No talk of omens, okay? It is hormones, if you ask me. And I have been there. Was never “ängstlich” in my life, but in my late forties, all sorts of weird irrational fears started popping up. I also know from experience that the only really bad thing about quitting nicotine was sleep problems. Both of these things pass. Let’s talk.

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    1. I know I’m irrational, but it is still annoying. I miss my good nights sleep….
      But just like everything else, I am going to get over it. thks for asking.


  2. I feel for you. All you can do is keep focused on the tasks ahead, in my opinion. I used to work for an organization that had a big annual luncheon and fundraiser. In the days before the event, I used to dream that I had shown up for the event with hundreds of people milling around. One of the other staff runs up to me and says, “Jason, they say the event is scheduled for tomorrow!” Then I woke up.

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