at long last

Our little cat Lilly is a proud mom, at long last! And of course we are very proud cat-mom owners.

In her third year, Lilly gave birth to three lovely and healthy-looking kittens today. The best thing about this – apart from the result, of course – is, that I have a day off and was able to see it all and be by her side.

In the morning, she was very round and very cuddly. As she has been during the last couple of days. She would sit on my lap, enjoying bein petted for hours. Not wanting out at all.

Late morning, she started to walk here and there, moaning and complaining. She wanted into the bedroom. Where sweetheart still was sound asleep, snoring away. But where also her big cave was. Handmade by sweetheart out of a big box with a top and side hole for doors and a big towel inside for bedding. She has inspected this device a couple of times before and knew instinctively, that this would be the perfect place to have her babies.

However, as these things go, it is not always happening in an instant. So she went into the box and back out of it quite a couple of times. We decided to have breakfast and sweetheart had to leave for an appointment in town. Lilly protested this, she wanted us to stay with her in the bedroom. So I went back to the darkened room and into the bed to be with the cat next to the bed in her box. After a while, she jumped up to the bed and snuggled up to me.

I must have fallen asleep. When I woke up again, there she was, literally dropping a kitten in front of me, her body pressed against my arm in spasm. I went to fetch a few towels and let her continue. During the next  hour, she had three kittens, two dark gray tigers and one black with a white stripe over the face. Sweetheart just arrived back in time, to watch numbers two and three arrive.

Squirming for the best teat to drink from. Shriekingly protesting everything slightly not to their liking in an instant. The voices are strong enough already, so I guess, they are all happy and healthy as can be. Lilly is somewhat exhausted, but she did absolutely fine and knew all along, what her job was. Amazing nature.



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